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Welcome to the GO Grant online application and grant reporting area!
GO Grants provide field trip grants for K-12 classes and schools to help get students outdoors learning about B.C.'s fish, wildlife, habitats and biodiversity. GO Grants cover transportation, project materials and or program fees to support student learning and connecting in nature.

The key criteria for GO Grants include trips or projects that are:

  • conducted outdoors in a nature setting;
  • focused on learning about BC’s fish, wildlife, habitats or biodiversity;
  • linked to curriculum;
  • hands-on or experiential for students; and
  • planned with before and after learning extensions.
The eligible items GO Grants cover are:
  • transportation (bus, boat, mileage etc.);
  • outdoor field trip equipment (e.g. dip nets, pH meter, butterfly nets, magnifiers, field guides etc.)or habitat stewardship project materials (e.g. nest box supplies, native plants, student gloves for planting); and or
  • outdoor field trip leader, secondary school (grades 9-12) teacher on call costs and program fees (e.g. Biologist, conservation group fee for outdoor program etc.).

Submitting an application
To submit an application you will need to first create your sign-in (name, email and password). You can then login and work on your application as you need. You can also download a copy for your files. Remember to click "Submit" when you are finished working on your application. You will receive a reply email indicating your application has been submitted. All applications will go through a review process by the GO Grant Review Committee and applicants will be notified via email within 2 weeks after the deadline closes.

Submitting your report photos and receipts for applications that get approved
To submit your reports, photos and receipts online you will need to  sign-in with the same user name and password you used (as above) to create your application. Once you are logged in, click the name of your application and 3 online areas will appear: report, photos and receipts. Remember to click "Submit" when you are finished working on each of these. For those grants who are greater than $600 and for ones where there are multiple grants for one school, you will also need to send us an invoice, Invoice templates are available on the GO Grant website. Please be sure to note who the cheques are payable to, school or school district.

Thank you for taking your students outdoors to learn more about BC's biodiversity!